Sustaining the Spirit of Shakti in the Dance of Life

Welcome to the Shakti Dance Academy, home, guardian and referential source of the ever-evolving teachings of Shakti Dance®, as taught by Sara Avtar.

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Empowering the flow of Shakti to manifest creatively through you... for the embodied fulfilment of soul potential!

Shakti Dance® ~ "The Yoga of Dance" is a system that maps out mindfully the coordination of body, breath and mantra, creating rhythmic organic flow and harmony: Liberating into awakened Presence, vibrancy, health and joy - expressing your radiant Being.  

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The Roots of Shakti Dance®

New Release: Shakti Flowing Asanas ~ 25 min Practice Video
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Official Shakti Dance® General Trailer
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Celestial Communication ~ Mandala Movement Mediation
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About Shakti Dance® Teacher Training Program 
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About the Benefits of Shakti Dance® 
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Shakti Dance® Saraswati Mantric Choreography Music Video: "Om Aim", by Saravtar
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New Release: "Om Shrim", by Saravtar - Official Music Video with Lakshmi Mantric Choreography.
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