Sustaining the Spirit of Shakti in the Dance of Life

Welcome to the Shakti Dance Academy, home, guardian and referential source of the ever-evolving teachings of Shakti Dance®, as taught by Sara Avtar.




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Empowering the flow of Shakti to manifest creatively through you... for the embodied fulfilment of soul potential!

Shakti Dance® ~ "The Yoga of Dance" is a system that maps out mindfully the coordination of body, breath and mantra, creating rhythmic organic flow and harmony. For awakened Presence, vibrancy, health, joy and the expression of radiant inner beauty.  

What is Shakti Dance®?  ~  The 8 Phases of a Shakti Dance® Class
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New Release: Shakti Flowing Asanas ~ 25 min Practice Video
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Official Shakti Dance® General Trailer
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Celestial Communication ~ Mandala Movement Mediation
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About Shakti Dance® Teacher Training Program 
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About the Benefits of Shakti Dance® 
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Shakti Dance® Saraswati Mantric Choreography Music Video: "Om Aim", by Saravtar
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New Release: "Om Shrim", by Saravtar - Official Music Video with Lakshmi Mantric Choreography.
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