Sara Avtar is the founding creator of Shakti Dance®.

This practice has evolved from her lifelong inspiration of movement and 30 years of Kundalini Yoga practice as a teacher, Level 1 & Level 2 teacher trainer and Sat Nam Rasayan healer.

The development of Shakti Dance® is not the result of a contrived intention, but rather blossomed organically over many years.
When asked, Sara Avtar says that she has always danced for as long as she can remember. She discovered Kundalini Yoga when she was 19 and became a Kundalini Yoga teacher shortly after. As her personal teaching style developed, she found herself drawn to incorporating more and more meditative dance-like stretches and Flowing Asanas into the opening stages of her classes. She became known as the teacher whose eagerly awaited warm-ups were often longer than the kriyas themselves.

As her practice of Kundalini Yoga, meditation and dance began to weave together and merge, it became apparent that a new form of yoga was developing. In a meeting with Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga, Sara Avtar presented her development of Shakti Dance® and he approved, giving his blessing as he proclaimed she should “Create the whole dance, systemize it and spread the Teachings.”

With this, Sara Avtar has proceeded to do just that. She has been developing, teaching and training Shakti Dance® in its current form over the past 20 years, although prototypes began to emerge in the early 1990's. To experience a class with Sara Avtar is a real privilege as she is an artist in movement and a true master in her own right. She transmits the essence of Shakti Dance® in such a beautiful, inspiring and powerful way that the essence and depth of this practice is easily transmitted, tasted and embodied.

Sara Avtar is also gifted with a beautiful singing voice and has released several albums with music for Shakti Dance® and Kundalini Yoga: “Shakti Lila”,  “Merging”, "Swara Rasa" & "Waves of Grace", with more to come.

She regularly teaches Shakti Dance® and Kundalini Yoga in Europe, co-teaching in all the Shakti Dance® teacher training courses, as well as in Kundalini Level 1 and Level 2 Trainings.

Sara Avtar currently resides in Italy.


Shakti Dance – Interview with Sara Avtar:

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Sara Avtar - Lex van Someren's "Traumreise", Baden Baden, 2002:

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