“Embodying Being”

~ Resonant Portals of Unity ~

~  Giulia di Gallese, Italy ~

From 13th till 19th August 2021

Humanity currently stands at a crossroads, with the possibility of shifting into a new, harmonious world-paradigm. A world that is Self-regulated by inner resonance of common Essence, rather than by exterior rules. This begins within each of us… Attuning to the inner pulse, we can blossom and bring harmony into our lives, evolving to fully 'Embody our Being'.

Shakti Dance is aligned to facilitate this shift. In this Level 2 Retreat, you will:

  • Learn to use this transformative practice in alignment with these times.
  • Experience how the practice helps embrace your shadows, release emotional baggage, soften and come more deeply into your body.
  • Discover how to reclaim your physical expression with greater sensitivity and care, becoming fully present.
  • Evolve as you blossom into the real you, and emerge as an ‘Embodied Being’.

In this year’s Level 2 Retreat, we will initially focus on releasing old emotional imprints stored in the fascia and deep muscle tissue, helping liberate ourselves from dysfunctional neural patterns. With greater openness and increased sensitivity, we can attune to the inner pulse of harmony - the subtle ‘love-vibration’ beating at the core of all life. Relaxing into a cosy state of flow, we can observe our inner spontaneous guidance, prompting us to express our essence and embody its compassionate wisdom.

Embodying Being helps us to mature emotionally with enhanced intuition. As we practice together, our expanded interwoven group perspective helps shift and harmonise our inner attitudes and feelings - cleansing and sweetening the atmosphere. Through the resonance of our sacred group constellations, we share insightful wisdom and invite in healing and regeneration for a more wholesome, interconnected and flowing life - on individual, collective and planetary levels.

We will take time to align with our deeper values, discovering our gifts and recognising our unique, fulfilling purpose. Using this inner prompt to navigate towards our 'true north', we will envision how we can each contribute and co-create in meaningful and innovative ways; how we can help find new solutions to old problems. Joining our individual purpose with that of this Earth and the evolving field of humanity, we can be guided through this astrological shift into a new restorative paradigm.

As we step into wholeness, we contribute to harmonise and heal the world.

During this retreat, you will be shown practical techniques to help 'Embody Being' with awareness, through harmonic movement, breath and sound, using the 8 Phases of Shakti Dance®.

Join us, to connect and find resonance with the nourishing and supportive company of like-hearted Shakti Spirits, and discover how to move smoothly and more meaningfully through this challenging time of transition - to collectively birth and embody heaven on earth.

Retreat will be led by: Sara Avtar

British-born, educated in Germany and living in Italy, Sara Avtar has studied and practiced various styles of yoga and meditation since 1987 and has taught for over 30 years. She is a healing singer, life-long dancer, mother, originator of Shakti Dance® and founder of the Shakti Dance Academy. She is a certified school teacher, KRI Kundalini Yoga Level 1 & Level 2 Lead Teacher Trainer and Sat Nam Rasayan healer. Sara Avtar travels worldwide and teaches online, training teachers in Kundalini Yoga and Shakti Dance®. 

Logistic & Payment

Dates of Level 2 Shakti Dance Teacher Training:

Beginning: Friday 13th August 2021 at 18:00 
Thursday 19th August 2021 at 18.00 

Retreat Costs:

Early-Bird Price for 6 Retreat Days with Payment before 1st July 2021:
€360 for Academic Members
€410 for Non-Academic Members

Regular Price for 6 Retreat Days with Payment after 1st July 2021:
€400 for Academic Members
€460 for Non-Academic Members

Accommodation Costs:

Accommodation & Food Costs (shared room):
€390 - for 6 x L2 Retreat Days

Camping & Food Costs (bring your own tent):
€270 - for 6 x L2 Retreat Days

With a minimum number of rooms occupied, it may then be possible to choose a camping option. Please check with the organiser when making your application.

Location: Agriturismo Giulia di Gallese www.giuliadigallese.com

Shakti Dance Level 2 Teacher Training is organized by Shakti Dance Academy with ASD Energy Center Le Torrette Association in collaboration with Agriturismo Giulia di Gallese establishment. Shakti Dance Academy provides all information about the Training Program, accommodation, and costs.  ASD Energy Center Le Torrette Association collects the payments for Training Program and Agriturismo Giulia di Gallese is an external independent establishment providing accommodation during the Program. Shakti Dance Academy and ASD Energy Center Le Torrette Association are not responsible for the cost and form of payment for the accommodation.

If you are a Shakti Dance® Teacher Trainee or Level 1 Certified Teacher and need to update your Academic Membership, Click Here!

This Level 2 Retreat is primarily for Shakti Dance® Teacher Trainees or Certified Teachers. Certified Level 1 Teachers may gain a Level 2 Certification for this module on fulfillment of the requisites. Teacher Trainees must certify as Level 1 Teachers before qualifying for this module’s Level 2 Certification.

We have a few places open to those who are neither Teacher Trainees nor Certified Teachers. Please inquire before making Payment - and await confirmation. You would not be eligible for certification, nor Academic Membership, so your Retreat Cost would be that of a Non-Academic Member.

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Shakti Dance® Level 2 Teacher Training Retreat 2021 “Embodying Being”

From 13th till 19th August 2021