The Shakti Dance® Academy would like to thank all the teachers listed below for being a part of the Shakti Dance® community. We are delighted that they have chosen the path of Shakti Dance® to grow personally and spiritually and to act as guides for their students through their class offerings. The Shakti Dance® Academy has created this open space to publicly inform you about all the online activities of our community of Shakti Dance Teachers.

The Shakti Dance® Academy would like to inform you that all classes presented on this webpage are organised by each teacher individually, and the Shakti Dance® Academy cannot interfere or help with any organisation or financial issues. It's the teacher's individual responsibility to provide sufficient information to connect to their classes by email or any other form of media to help its participant with any doubts or problems.

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We offer online classes in two different languages. We hope the offer will be augmented with more teachers and languages. In the list below you will find teachers associated to each language:

  • Karambir Kaur

    Class description

    Nous allons expérimenter les 8 phases de la Shakti Dance au travers des différents Personnages : l'ouverture le la classe avec une communication céleste, les étirements au sol, les exercices debout, la danse libre, la relaxation, une communication celeste inspirée par une Déesse ou un Dieu Hindou suivie d'une courte méditation silencieuse, et, enfin, nous clôturons l'espace sacré que nous avons précédemment ouvert avec un manta exprimé par une communication céleste.

    Karambir Kaur Teacher Profile 

Les Déesses et Dieux de la mythologie Hindoue

Date and Time 
Every Sunday at 10:45 am - 12:15 CET

Class guided in

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