"Prabh Kai Simran" ~ Self Remembrance 

A Celestial Communication Practice

~ Transformation Through Dwelling in Original Being ~

✨ Renew to your authentic Original State of Being;
✨Release old immature tendencies;
✨Honour life and be honoured;
✨Access and channel increased vitality;
✨Blossom into your purpose;
✨Dwell in, be guided by… and merge with Source.

Join Sara Avtar for a 40-Day Daily Recorded Online-Course
in which she guides you through the Transformational Process of this Mantra,
sharing the effects and benefits of this Celestial Communication Sequence

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Something very special is happening!! Sara Avtar is offering a unique opportunity to study intensively with her, on a daily basis, for the next 40 days, with daily videos.

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The 40 Days of "Prabh Kai Simran" Celestial Communication is being offered as an in-depth online-course, on a dedicated Private FB Group.

The commitment is to practice the Celestial Communication for 40 days. You will find daily follow-up videos with a duration of 7 - 20 minutes each day with Sara Avtar, giving short daily affirmations and journalling tasks to accompany the practice. These specifically guide participants through the process of Transformation.

You are welcome to enrol anytime - and begin following the Daily Videos from Day 1.


If you would like to join us, please download the CC-Video-Package

The Download Package contains:
1 x Instructional Video of approx 30mins (approx 1.98 GB)
1 x Practice Video of approx 30 mins (approx 1.3 GB)
1 x PDF Explanatory document-file.

Because the video-files are quite big, you will need to ensure that you have a strong and steady internet connection when you try to download the files in the package - best done on your computer, rather than hand-held devices!

You are invited to join Sara Avtar in this practice for at least 40 days to experience the transformational benefits of ‘Dwelling in Original Being’:

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We recommend you keep a daily diary, and share, exchange and feedback on the dedicated Private Facebook Group to enjoy and accompany each other along the path of this practice together.

I look forward to you joining me in this quest.

Blessings and love

Sara Avtar✨



The Raaga of the Mantra:

This mantra is a verse from the Sukhmani Sahib, written in Raag Gauri, by Guru Arjan.
Its Raag, or musical ‘strain’, embodies a frequency of feeling that ‘Encourages perseverance of focus without pride’. 

It creates a receptive state, stilling and absorbing our mind to dwell ever more deeply in Presence.

The musical sentiment of this mantra can help us to go further and deeper in a process or relationship - in this case, with our True Self. It helps dispel distraction, enabling us to embody the qualities on which we focus. In this way we can conclude the cycle of success and experience full fruition in a relationship or undertaking.

The melodic composition in the strain of Raag Gauri, particularly enhances the frequency and meaning of this mantra. 

The Meaning of the Mantra:

The meaning of this mantric-verse reveals how remembering, communing and dwelling in our True Nature can transform and benefit our daily lives. The translation of this Gurmukhi mantra is:

  • Remembering & meditating on True Being is like taking a purifying bath at sacred shrines of pilgrimage. 
  • Remembering True Self, one becomes authentic, attaining honor in the Court of Reality.. 
  • Remembering and dwelling on the True Self, one becomes youthful and whole.
  • Remembering & meditating on that Being, one flowers in fruition. 
  • They alone remember the True Being in meditation, whom that Being inspires to meditate. 
  • Nanak grasps the feet of those humble beings. ||3||

Our True Being transcends the physical world of duality because it is a realm of regenerative-creative pure potential, so when we remember and are absorbed in our True Nature, we are thereby reset, restored and renewed - able to express our essence to the full, with authenticity. 

The Celestial Communication with the Mantra:

Adding the practice of the Celestial Communication to this mantra, the sonic geometry and meaning of the mantra are also spatially expressed with the body - helping to really embed the power and resultant effects of the mantra in our magnetic field and psycho-frequency. 

The repeated movement sequence of the Celestial Communication not only expresses in gestures the meaning of the mantra, but also creates a specific sonic pattern or arrangement of frequencies in the electromagnetic field of the practitioner. Flows of charged prana are thus delineated throughout the body, and aura. This affects the neural patterning, harmonises and relaxes the brain rhythms, and stimulates the release of related neurotransmitters. 

Jaapa ~ A Powerful Combination:

The effects of chanting this mantra are intensified and reinforced by combining and layering its repetition, or Jappa, in different ways:

  • Phrasing and pronunciation
  • Singing
  • Raaga - melodic sentiment
  • Meaning
  • Celestial Communication 
  • A Silent Breath Meditation with the mantra to close

The Effects:

The effects of practicing this ‘Prabh Kai Simran’ Celestial Communication on a daily basis for 11 minutes, followed by an 11 minute silent breath meditation include: 

  • Clearing and absorbing our mind into still presence
  • Enhancing a sentiment of original wellbeing.
  • Recognising our True Being, becoming more authentic and real!
  • Honouring life and being honoured
  • Regenerating and renewing vitality 
  • Increasing our competency to express our true nature and innate gifts. 
  • Blossoming into our true potential.

Cycles of Practice:

Practicing for 40 days: helps quiet the mind, inducing a receptive state, while increasing the capacity to focus. It instils the habit of regularly relating to our True Nature, tasting original wellbeing. 

Practicing for 90 days: helps absorb the mind into deeper and more ongoing states of communion; opening out awareness, with insight, through increased capacity for listening.

Practicing for 120 days: helps relocate and establish our awareness in True Being, shifting perception, to perceive from a more unified and guided state. It helps to gain clear insight through wisdom and to enable our True Nature to unfold creatively and synchronistically unto fulfilment.



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