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Celestial Communication Package #2:
“Radiant Presence”
Mantra: Ajai Alai
Music & Movement Sequence, Created & Presented by: Sara Avtar


Celestial Communication Package #2:
"Radiant Presence"
Mantra: Ajai Alai
Music & Movement Sequence, Created & Presented by: Sara Avtar

The repetition of this Mantra and Celestial Communication embodies your Radiant Presence! It attunes consciousness, transitioning into a deep meditative state. This practice shifts us from attachment and false identification to recognise and deeply root into our True Being. As our inner radiance is enhanced, opposition melts away, and mental clarity prevails for wholesome and harmonious expression. 

Package Content:

  • Video#1 - Introduction to Mantra: "Ajai Alai" (4:01)
  • Video#2 - Instructional Video - Explanation of Movements for the Celestial Communication (19:37)
  • Video#3 - Practice Video - Celestial Communication: "Ajai Alai" (12:15)
  • Mp3 Track - "Ajai Alai", from Album: Waves of Grace, by Saravtar
  • PDF - Explanation of Practice & Effects of "Ajai Alai" Celestial Communication

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5.00 out of 5

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  1. Lulila
    5 out of 5
    (verified owner)

    Hey Sara Avtar yes I’m loving the MC, it has taken a long time to learn all to words, movement’s and meanings but once I did It is such a powerful dance. The presence felt afterwards in the meditation is so strong and powerful and as you say I can feel that at other times as well.
    I know this is the true self. I am going to continue with this for 90 days I don’t want to stop yet
    Thank you for this sacred shakti dance

    Rated 5 out of 5

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