Jaa This Bhaava – CC Webinar

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Jaa This Bhaava – Attuning to Harmony of Heart
~ For Rhythmic Balance & Clarity ~




As Promised! Introducing the new Group 40-Day Meditation Movement Sequence to my Music Track:

"Jaa This Bhaava - Attuning to Harmony of Heart"
~ For Rhythmic Balance & Clarity ~

Join us - All are Welcome:

Friday 7th August 2020

18.00 - 19:30 CET (English & Italian)

✨Open to Joy;
✨Attune to Harmony of Heart;
✨Focus your Mind;
✨Merge in Harmonic Resonance;
✨Embody the Treasure of Blissful Being;
✨Live in Rhythmic Balance & Peaceful Clarity;
✨Access Inner Wisdom

Cost:  €15

This Meditation Movement Sequence (Celestial Communication / Swara Rasa Yantra) will also be our daily practice during the upcoming Shakti Dance Level 2 Retreat in Gallese, 10-16 August 2020, and the follow-up homework. Even if you are unable to join us Live in Gallese, you are welcome to join us online for this practice.

In follow up to this webinar, there will be a 40-Day Practice with twice weekly Guidance Videos offered on a dedicated FaceBook Group. It will be a shared mutually supportive experience.

This is a separate e-shop product containing the:

- Celestial Communication video-download,
- "Jaa This Bhaava " MP3 practice music download
- Access to 40-day Online Practice Course with twice weekly Guidance Videos

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