Online Shakti Dance® Class @ €15 – Tuesday 4th August 2020 – 17:00-18:30 CET

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** Payment Option: €15 **

With Professional Shakti Dance® Teacher Trainer:
Cristina Font – in Spanish

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** Payment Option: €15 **

With Professional Shakti Dance® Teacher Trainer:
Cristina Font - in Spanish

Be in Resonance ~ Flow with the Times of Change

About the Class:
In these days of confinement we have the opportunity to cultivate our inner world and thus be able to give a better service to the outside world.

Therefore, as of Tuesday 24th March, the advanced Shakti Dance® Teacher Trainer Team are presenting online Shakti Dance® Classes every day. These classes will be based on our own daily practice, sharing how we root deeply into our Being, releasing anxiety and stress, that we can live calm, anchored, intuitive and peaceful lives in these times of outer turbulence.

In these daily 1.5 hour sessions we will share with you those practices that personally sustain us, that we can in turn offer support to those around us. We share an organic practice that emerges from what is alive in each moment.

Accumulating Shakti Dance® Class-Practice hours for Requisites:
If you are taking the Shakti Dance® Level 1 Teacher Training and would like to accumulate class-practice hours for your certification requisites, this €15 Payment Option is the correct one to chose for your participation in the class to be recognised:

Please email:

Including the following information in your email:
- If you need recognition of class-practice hours for toward your SD L1 TT Certification Requisite:
- Which Training are you currently following? 
- Where is it taking place?
- In which period is the training running from and to?
- Please include the title of this Class: "SDA Online Shakti Dance® Class @ €15 - Tuesday 4th July 2020 with Cristina"

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