“Reduce Stress & Increase your Vitality” ~ Single Workshop

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Course Price for Shakti Dance Active Members 45€ (discount code in Reserved Area)
Saturday 26th June 10:00 – 13:30h CET

Release deep-seated tension and old dysfunctional patterns, melting ‘frozen pockets’ lodged in your fascia and deep muscle tissue. Extend through limitation and allow the embodied vital flow of your essential Being.


“Embrace the Shadow ~ Reduce Stress & Increase your Vitality”

In this workshop you are invited to renew and self-heal. Here, you will be guided to find release and liberate yourself from the stressful and dysfunctional paradigms of the past; freeing up a flow of new vital energy into the present.

We will practice a coherent sequence of flowing and static asanas, becoming mindful through deep fascial stretching, so we can shed light on the dysfunctional patterns held in our bodies; in the form of muscular and fascial contractions that restrict the flow of our energy channels.

With awareness, trust and patience, we can meet our inner psycho-physical limitations, observing the dynamics of contracted energy that surface, as we deeply relax and release through the gentle and precise asana stretches.

Gradually, we can open ourselves to embrace the shadows of our underlying feelings, enabling patterns of inner stories to emerge and gradually reveal themselves.

These are the imprints of past experiences - left behind, undigested, unresolved - not renewed. These are the old roots, that once released and dissolved, offer up insight, wisdom and inner guidance... giving way to new seeds & shoots for the future.

This Single Workshop is also part of the
 “Swadharma” your Rythmic Orbit
8-Month Transformational Course 

ith Sara Avtar
"Swahdharma - Your Rhythmic Orbit" is an 8-Month Transformational Course.
It consists of a series of 8 x once-monthly 3.5-hour workshops, with optional guided self-study follow up.

If you would still like to follow the whole transformational course, but cannot, or could not be present for all the live online workshop webinars, you will still receive access to the recordings of all the Encounters.

Schedule & Themes of Workshops
Saturdays 2021, from 10:00 – 13:30 CET

(NB: The workshops can also all be attended individually @ €54 per session, without guided follow-up)

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