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Saraswati ~ Flowing Asanas Video – Sara Avtar

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Shakti Flowing Asana Sequence #1:
“Saraswati ~ Power of Creation “Sourcing your Creative Wisdom”
Music & Movement Sequence, Created & Presented by: Sara Avtar

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Shakti Flowing Asanas Package #1:
"Saraswati ~ Power of Creation "Sourcing your Creative Wisdom"
25 Minute Shakti Flowing Asana Sequence, to the Theme of "Saraswati", Created & Presented by: Sara Avtar

Mantra-Music: Om Aim / Adi Mantra / Ong Sohung, by Saravtar. Downloads included in package
Featuring Music-Track: "New World", Album: "SuryaNaad", by Hari Baldevta. Download not included in package.

Location: River Narmada, Maheshwar, India - Thanks to Rewananda Yoga Ashram
Filming: Ankur Bairagi & Rk Creation

Released: August 2019©

About this Download Package:  

✨Gentle restorative and invigorating fluid asanas, opening energy channels and pranic flow.

✨Attuning to Saraswati’s subtle current with meditative spiral and circular breath coordinated flow.

✨Moving harmoniously with organic movements to mantra by Saravtar.

✨For clarity of mind and awareness of Presence.

✨Open yourself up to fulfil your soul-potential!

Saraswati is the Creatrix of all Life. She is the womb of creation - the Spring-time energy of regeneration and new birth. Saraswati is the primal sound current - the pranic life-force unfolding organically in geometrical self-repeating patterns. In her subtle vibration she harbours the innate wisdom underlying nature’s laws, governing the harmonious proportions of waves - be they sound, music, spatial geometry, or rhythmic movement.

Practicing this Saraswati series will help renew you as an instrument for original creative impulse! The organic, breath-related Shakti Flowing Asanas increase flexibility, fluidity and graceful movement, while liberating the pranic flow for increased health and vibrance. Rhythmically intertwining this practice with mantras by Saravtar, specifically tuned to the frequency of Saraswati, promotes restorative harmony, meditative clarity and intuitive Presence - for the unfolding your innate creative wisdom! 

For best results, practice this series daily for 40-days!

Upcoming in Autumn 2019:
Sara Avtar will be offering a webinar series, demonstrating each of the Shakti Flowing Asanas featured in this Saraswati Video. She will show in detail the postural checkpoints, dynamics of movement and the breath-related awareness to enhance and deepen your experience of this series.

A sequence of Standing Exercises, by Sara Avtar, also to the theme of Saraswati ~ Power of Creation "Sourcing your Creative Wisdom", will be released in Autumn 2019. The upcoming Standing Series has been designed to practice together with this sequence of Shakti Flowing Asanas.


Package Content:

  • Video#1 - 25 minute "Shakti Flowing Asanas" Music Video (without voiceover) (29:02)
  • Video#2 - Instructional Video - 25 minute "Shakti Flowing Asanas" with Voiceover (29:02)
  • Mp3 Track - "Om Aim", from Album: Swara Rasa, by Saravtar (5:17)
  • Mp3 Track - "Ong Sohung", from Album: Merging, by Saravtar (10:57)
  • Mp3 Track - "Adi Mantra", From Album; Swara Rasa, by Saravtar (11:09)

(Please note: You will need a good internet connection to download this package. The 25min Flowing Asana Videos are 2.58GB each and may take a while to download.)

Price: €40.00


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