Saraswati ~ Standing Exercises Video + 40 Day Practice Package

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Saraswati Standing Exercises Video-Download + 40-Day Online Practice Course ~ with Sara Avtar:

~ Power of Creation “Sourcing your Creative Wisdom ~

– Standing Exercises video-download, PLUS
– 40-day Online Practice Course with 12 x 20 min Instructional Videos

Non-Academic Members €135
Academic Members have a discount = €108
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 40-Day Online Practice Course ~ with Sara Avtar, PLUS:
"Saraswati Standing Exercise Video-Download"
Power of Creation "Sourcing your Creative Wisdom

 The 40-Day group practice will start on 12th November 2020 but you can join any time 

Adi Shakti, Album: Shakti Lila, by Saravtar
Sa Re Sa Sa,
Album: Merging, by Saravtar
Eka Mai,
Album: Mergingby Saravtar

A Sophisticated 25 Minute Series of Shakti Dance® Standing Exercises to:  

✨Move and Work-Out your Body and Core Harmoniously,
✨Open the Vibrant Flow of your Energy Body
✨Focus your Mind with Meditative Clarity
✨Realign your Chakras, Open & Balance the 5 Elements within you
✨Attune you to the Rhythm of your Natural Cycles
✨Reconnect you with your Primal Source
✨Invoke your Inner Creative Wisdom for Guidance
✨Transition to New Elevated States of Consciousness
✨Open yourself up to fulfil your soul-potential!

~ Beautifully Filmed in India ~

Location: King's Private Garden Temple, Maheshwar, India - Thanks to Rewananda Yoga Ashram
Filming: Ankur Bairagi & Rk Creation

Saraswati is the Creatrix of all Life. She is the womb of creation - the energy of regeneration and rebirth. Saraswati is the primal sound current - the pranic life-force unfolding organically in geometrical self-repeating patterns. In her subtle vibration she harbours the innate wisdom underlying nature’s laws, governing the harmonious proportions of waves - be they sound, music, spatial geometry, or rhythmic movement.

Practicing this Saraswati Series will help renew you as an instrument for original creative impulse! The organic, breath-related Shakti Standing Exercises increase flexibility, fluidity, core strength and graceful movement, while liberating the pranic flow for increased health, invigoration and vibrance. 

Package Content:

- Beautiful Saraswati Standing Exercises Videos
- Access to 40-day Online Practice Course with twice weekly Guidance Videos of approx 20mins each
The online course is presented on a Private FaceBook Group, and requires agreeing to daily interactive journalling.
Please enrol in the FB group with password you receive in your confirmation email with your video-download: 

- Non-Academic Members €135
- Academic Members have a discount = €108
(Members please Login and then find Coupon Code here)


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