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Overview of Content and Structure of Level 1 Shakti Dance Teacher Training (please click here)

This Intensive Training Consists Of: 24 days with 180 lesson-time hours, plus another 30 hours early morning practice (sadhana) and 40 hours of personal study (reading and practicing the techniques at home) - a total of 250 hours.

Further Information About this Training:

Immersed in the heart of Indonesian Nature, this 24-day Residential Teacher Training is a unique opportunity to be in a sacred and safe nurturing group environment, in which to connect deeply with Essence, through Yoga and Dance. With expert guidance we facilitate you to release old tension and blockages, while opening up, aligning and blossoming into the flow of Creative Spirit!

Sara Avtar (Founding Creator of Shakti Dance®)

Araygua Simran Pal - Professional Trainer

Dates of One-Month Full-Immersion 2020: 

22nd - 25th May 2020 (4 days)
Day off - May 26th 
27th - 31st May 2020 (4 days) 
Day off - June 1st 
2nd - 5th June (4 days)
Day off - June 6th
7th - 10th June (4 days)
Day off June 11th
12th - 15th June (4 days)
Days off 16th-17th-18th June

19th - 23rd June - 5 days

Venue & Travel:

Place: Swasti Eco Cottage JI. Raya Nyuh Bojog, Br. Nyuh Kuning-Ubud, Bali


Travel to "Swasti Eco Cottage":
 by airplane to Ubud (flights are not included in Program Costs)

- by shuttle from Airport to Retreat Centre "Swasti Eco Cottage" (not included in the costs)

Info & Registration:
Email: balishaktidancett@gmail.com

Araygua Simran Pal WA: +62 816268224

Visa : 

In Bali you are allowed to stay 1 month for free, if any tourist wants to stay more than 1 month they need to apply for a Visa from their country or extend 1 month at the Immigration Office in Bali.

You have to contact the Indonesia embassy in your country and ask for Social Budaya Visa which costs about 45€. 

If you can not get a Visa, you can extend in Bali but make sure that once you arrive on the airport, you pay Visa on Arrival -aprox 35€ as that will give you the permission to extend for one more month. 

Then we can help you to extend your Visa here in Bali. That will cost around 80€.

*Our Full Immersion has 34 days + plus the day of arrival and leaving. We suggest you to arrive 2 days before to recover from the jet lag. 


A: 24 Days Teacher Training Program 
35 Nights Residential Accommodation Costs at Swasti Eco Cottage

Please note: Transfer & currency exchange costs are not included in the price = approx additional 4%

A: Teacher Training Program Costs

Included in the Training Program Fee: registration, training fees, teaching materials, organisation costs, exam, certification & 1 year enrolment as 'Academic Member' in the Shakti Dance Academy.

Total Cost of Training Program:

The total Regular Cost of the Training is 2.540€ - With Early-Bird Enrolment, there can be a €100, €200 or €300  discount on this amount.

(Academic & Logistics without Accommodation or Food)

Total cost per person, with discounts for Early Enrolment:

1st EarlyBird Cost (excludes Accom. & Travel), with registration & €300 deposit before November 1st

€1940 + €300 deposit : 2.240€

 2nd EarlyBird Cost (excludes Accom. & Travel), with registration & €400 deposit after November 1st

€1940 + 400€ = 2.340€ 

 3rd EarlyBird Cost (excludes Accom. & Travel), with registration & €500 deposit before March 1st= €

1940 + €500 = 2.440€

Regular Program Cost (excludes Accom. & Travel), with registration & €600 deposit after March 1st

€1940 + 600€ = 2.540€

 Pay Deposit to secure your place - see Pay-Button below

 B: Residential/Accommodation Costs

The costs are to be paid separately and direct with Eco Swasti Cottage.

This is the WA number of the manager that will be in charge to help you book the room that suits you better: Wayan Sutana: +62 878 6155 9505 / email: had.baliswasti@gmail.com.

You can ensure with Wayan your transportation to the Resort from the airport. 


Accommodation options: 

-Family Dome: €23 a night with breakfast / shared, 7 people

-Traditional room: 58€ a night with breakfast / shared 2 people

-Traditional room AC: 70€ a night with breakfast / shared 2 people

-Deluxe cottage: 89€ a night with breakfast / 3 people

There will be a Vegetarian-Vegan lunch and dinner buffet at the Cottage by 11€ each meal. The buffet will be offer by a minimum of 10 people. You will be paying for the food buffet every day at the Cottage.

You also have the option to eat outside, there are many options in the surroundings


Payment Options:

1. One-Time Payment: The Training Program Cost may be paid in full at the time of enrolment; paying the Deposit, directly followed by one remainder Payment for the Training Program of €1840. If you pay with a One-Time Payment, you have a discount of 100€ on your final Program Cost.

Register before 1st November = €2.140 instead of €2.240

Pay Deposit to secure your place - see Pay-Button below

2. Monthly Instalment Plan for All Program Costs

Register before Before 1st November:  €2.240 = 1.940 € + 300€ deposit

(One Time Payment : 300€ + 1840€) 

 2 months Instalments: €1.940 +300€ deposit 

                                       1st November 2019 = 970€ 

                                       1st December 2019 = 970 € 

 3 months instalment : €1.940 + €300 deposit 

                                      1st November 2019: 646,6€

                                      1st December 2019  : 646,6€

                                      1st January 2020 : 646,6€

 Register before 1st January : 1.940 + 400€ deposit 

 (One Time Payment : 400€ + 1840€)

 2 months instalment :  €1.940€ + 400€ deposit 

                                     1st January 2020 = 970€ 

                                     1st February 2020 = 970€ 

 3 months instalment : €1.940 + 400€ deposit 

                                     1st January 2020 = 646,6€

                                     1st February 2020 = 646,6€

                                     1st March  2020 = 646,6 € 

 Register before 1st of March 2020 = 1.940 + 500€ deposit

(One Time Payment : 500€ +1840€) 

 2 months instalment : €1.940 + 500€ deposit 

                                      1st March 2020 = 970€

                                      1st April  2020 = 970€

3 months instalment : €1.940 + 500€ deposit 

                                     1st March 2020 = 646,6€

                                     1st April 2020 = 646,6€

                                     1st May 2020 = 646,6 € 


Registration after 1st of March = 2.550€ = 1.946 + 600€

If you need any other specific plan instalment due financial reasons please contact us and we will consider what is possible to do, thank you.

It is essential to sign the Application Form to register to the Teacher Training. All payments made before or after signing the Application Form are non- refundable whether it be the Deposit or Tuition fees. 

Any cancellation made after signing the contract and registering to the Training, either through the deposit or Tuition Fee, is non-refundable. 

Enriching Benefits of This Training:

  • Learn a repertoire of gentle flowing asanas and varied movement sequences characteristic of the different phases of a Shakti Dance® class.
  • Learn the organic principles of movement and how to apply them to activate your prana-shakti, and create self-healing exercises.
  • Learn to activate different energy qualities with different types of movements and how to sequence them for balance, according to various systems of Yogic Anatomy (Gunas, Vayus, Chakras, Nadis, Meridians, Rasas, etc.).
  • Enter into a transformative experience, releasing deep tension and blockages - refining your senses and heightening awareness.
  • Open your physical, energetic and mental bodies for increased vitality and creative capacity.
  • Learn to listen deeply to the impulse of inner being, while developing your meditative mind,
  • Develop your capacity to move with grace, giving expression to the unfolding flow of Prana-Shakti.
  • With in-depth practice, open yourself to an unlimited number of possible sequences to enhance many different themes.
  • Develop your practice so that spontaneous sequences develop each time you teach - in harmony with different conditions of time and space.
  • Experience yourself as a divine instrument through which your soul-being can express itself creatively to realize its potential.
  • Harmonize your mind and body to feel and perceive deeply the true presence of Being you are.
  • Share and teach what you love, nourishing others - professionally with authenticity.
  • Express your Essence with Radiance!
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Please note: Transfer & currency exchange costs are not included in the price = approx additional 4%



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