"Swara Rasa®"
~ The Yoga of Harmony ~

The Resonant Flow of Radiant Being

Swara Rasa® is the yogic science and active ingredient behind Shakti Dance®. It is the precise synergy or tapestry of yogic techniques that induce the Harmonic Resonance, characteristic to all Phases of Shakti Dance®. 

The Harmonic Resonance of Swara Rasa® is activated when the practice aligns: geometry of posture, rhythmic cycles of organic movement with breath and focussed awareness to create resonant proportional relationships.

Different yogic 'threads' are organically and mindfully interwoven to interlock in resonance, so that body and mind can relax and release into transparency. This harmonic resonance enables our aware Being to shine through with radiance: 'Swara'.

Characteristic to the 'proportional tapestry' of this practice, a resonant quality of flow then emerges with a vibrational field that is imbued with a specific taste, feeling or 'Rasa',

This organic resonance attunes the mind-body instrument, opening out into stillness - a deeply receptive state of listening and heightened sensitivity. The somatic flow it unlocks is intelligent and creative. Its tunefulness nourishes, heals and spontaneously guides those who embody it.

The refined organic movement-forms shared in this practice embody subtle tones or phrases of pranic patterns. These movement-forms are like musical motifs or tonal centres, and render visible the invisible sonic geometry of harmonic sound and mantra. 

By practicing these carefully sequenced phrases of form and flow, the practitioner’s mind-body instrument is fine-tuned. A synergistic balance of breath, form, movement and focus is cultivated, which gradually reveals the practitioner's own internal flow of soul-patterning and musical resonance.

The 'Swara Rasa Tapestry' is a 'key' that unlocks the creative flow of Shakti Spirit. This off-sets an awakened tunefulness, with heightened synchronistic awareness and spontaneous fractal vitality. 

Those who consistently practice and teach Shakti Dance are deeply transformed by the Swara Rasa Tapestry, facilitating highly creative and wholesome expression.

The practice of Shakti Dance® incorporates within its 8-Phases 4 distinct yogic disciplines, each of which may, with care, be otherwise combined, or practiced as an individual discipline.

These 4 disciplines are:

- Swara Rasa® Asana ~ Shakti Flowing Asanas
- Swara Rasa® Charan ~ Standing Exercises
- Swara Rasa® Akash ~ Celestial Communications
- Swara Rasa® Lila ~ Mantric Choreographies