Carmen Garson

Country / City: United States, Hollywood
Level: Certified Teacher Level 2 (Modules 2017)
I am in Hollywood, Florida. (954) 881- 6238. I Love Shakti Dance® as it consolidates my various passions of dance, yoga, goddess wisdom and energy healing. I had a career as Chief Financial Officer and raised 2 children and in 2001 left my career to live my passion of dance, yoga and support my community with dance and the arts.

2nd Level Certified Shakti Dance® Instructor (The Yoga of Dance), Certified by Dharma Devi & Sara Avtar.
Studied Bellydance for 18 years with Maja Nile, Myriam Eli and Maria Jammal.
Certified as Bellydance Instructor by Maria Jammal.
Studying Flamenco dance for 13 years with Miguelangel, Mayelu & Marina Torres.
Flamenco Dance instructor for beginners.
Moonmother Certified Womb Healer by Miranda Gray
Reiki Master since 1998 by Ken Jepsen
Tibetan Palm Healer by Master Sunyata
Access Consciousness Bars
Tantric Dance of Feminine Power Practitioner taught by Vajra Ma
Biodanza "The Dance of Life" practitioner since 2009 with Hilda Restrepo
Ecstatic Dance Training with Dunya McPherson
Goddess Tara Dance Training with Prema Dasara,
Received 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki,
Q'ero Wombkeeper,
Kundalini Yoga Practioner since 2002
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