Kati FitzHenry

Country / City: United Kingdom, Sidmouth
Level: Certified Teacher Level 1
With a background of Holistic Yoga for Everyday Life for many years, I qualified as a Shakti Dance teacher in 2015 and I have been passionately spreading the word about this most beautiful discipline through weekly classes and monthly themed workshops following the CELTIC CALENDAR since that time. Some of my students went on becoming Shakti Dance teachers themselves which was a most humbling experience...! :) I can also run ACCESS THEMED workshops or taster sessions for you, if interested and most happy to travel wherever I get invited to share my love of Shakti Dance with you.

I am an Access Bars practitioner and facilitator as well, and have now scheduled many of my Access training days at the same weekends as my Shakti Dance workshops- to enable you to try something with a difference perhaps, if you are ready for an adventure any time soon... The stillness of the Access Bar practice complement the soul-nourishing moving meditation of Shakti Yoga Dance beautifully...

If any of the above tickled your interest, please, feel free to get in touch! What are the infinite possibilities of us meeting each other and experiencing the MAGIC OF SHAKTI DANCE together one day soon!

Looking forward to hearing from you in due course!
Sat Nam, Namaste, love and gratitude to you, always, Kati xxx :)