Araygua Simran Pal

Country / City: Indonesia, bali
Level: Professional Trainer
Hello sat Nam,
Im Araygua Simran Pal from Spain.
Nowadays I live in Bali , Indonesia with my family and kids.
I’m a Shakti Dance Teacher and Trainner.
I am part of the team organisation of 3 different Level 1 Shakti Dance Trainnings in Frankfurt, Chile and Bali.
I love to practice Kundalini Yoga and also to teach it. The Union beetwen both disciplines are fantastic.
My life has been always embrace by the art in so many different ways and art has always carrying me through the present moment when “Time becomes Art”. I’m in tune with the Cosmology of Mayans and I often offer workshops and readings.
My specialization at the moment is to accompany women’s during the pregnancy with the teachings of shakti dance, sound and visualization. I am following the flow of what shakti dance has awakening on me and guide me to remember my true nature...and it leads me so far to explore the Tantric path and the mysteries of the femenine within.
Actually i just start a new brand of Yoga and Dance clothes called : MayanShakti
Hope that the U-nivers cross our paths sharing magic synchronicity and blessed Abun- Dance
See u , blessings
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