Paola Montano

Country / City: Spain, Barcelona
Level: Associate Trainer
Paola Montano
Siri Kartar Kaur
Shakti Dance ®️ instructor and trainer
Kundalini Yoga instructor
Yoga Doula instructor and mentor
(Specialized in conscious pregnancy and postpartum)

My spiritual name is Siri Kartar Kaur, which means Great Princess “God’s Doer”.

I was born and raised in Rome on 1982, where I lived till I was 25 years old. I was a teenage rebel on a constant search for balance. In 2008 I came to Barcelona for a much needed break, and felt fully connected with this magical city since day one. After a few years I started practicing Kundalini Yoga, and with no specific expectation, I decided to enroll in Level 1 Shakti Dance ®️ Teacher Training at Shunia Yoga (Sagrada Familia). I did my training with Sara Avtar, the creator and founder of this marvelous practice, who I call to this day my Great Teacher. From that day forward my life transformed radically... Then, life lead me to quit my job with a multinational company, and start my spiritual journey; leaving behind society’s superficiality, and the social environment where I grew up. I continued my process with Shakti Dance ®️mentoring, and felt that I needed a solid Kundalini Yoga foundation to keep evolving with this enchanting technology. So I did my Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Training with my Great Teachers: Siri Gobind Kaur, Mamadass (Gurudass Kaur Khalsa); and Karta Singh, who’s few word classes made me experience Infinity every single time.
At the beginning of 2017 I conceived Siri Quantum, a sacred space where I offer classes; and my greatest blessing, my daughter Rebecca.
Today, I continue to give Shakti Dance®️, Kundalini Yoga, conscious pregnancy, and postpartum classes in a regular basis. I continue specializing as a Shakti Dance®️ Trainer, Yoga Doula mentor with Gurujagat, and Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Training.

I connect with God when I practice and teach. I am able to keep an open, neutral, and a curious mind for all that is mysterious. It helps me keep up, gives me vitality, and compassion.
Sat Nam
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