Natasha Siri Amrit

Country / City: Slovenia, Ljubljana
Level: Associate Trainer
Natasha Siri Amrit: dancer, choreographer, dance pedagogue, shakti dance and kundalini yoga teacher
She has been in love with dance since the dawn of time. Dance as an art form encompasses her life and career. Was educated at the Flemish Dance Academy in Bruges, Belgium. She graduated from the Slovenian Dance Academy. She is the author of many dance performances, has made countless choreographies, and been co-author of other creative projects with musicians, actors, photographers, and fashion designers. She has been teaching in the field of contemporary dance for all generations for last 30 years. For more than a decade practicing, teaching and shareing the knowledge of Shakti Dance and Kundalini yoga gives her even more deeper sense of peace and strength in her life journey.

She has taught SHAKTI DANCE this vast and fascinating yoga of dance where she continuously combines her extensive knowledge of contemporary dance, into a tool to harness the experience of Shakti dance. She believes in the power of creative potential offered through dance, which she finds complementary for working with children, adolescents, adults, and people with special needs. She teaches at an Art school for contemporary dance, as well being arts programme and artistic director of the Contemporary Dance Studio Intakt. As teacher of Shakti Dance she is regularly teaching workshops at home and abroad ( Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Spain...) she was honored to be coteacher with Sara Avtar at Shakti Dance Teacher Training Level 2 in Gallese – Italy 2016. Since May 2019 she is Shakti Dance Interen Trainer.

My speciality in teaching Shakti Dance fusion with Contemporary Dance.
SHAKTI DANCE FUSION workshop is combination of vast and fascinating yoga of dance principals with extensive knowledge of contemporary dance as a tool to harness the experience of Shakti dance. We are looking for nature of Shakti flow through the spirals in the body by searching for the potential of our anatomy, releasing and leting go the embodied Spirit, looking for movment pathway of Shakti flow deeply and mindfully into its details, into the realm of 5 Tatvas. There is realising dance creating spiral movment first on the floor level, than middle and vertical, flowing into the space by placing Self through the space. We are using gentle tools of free dance to move into space with awarness of the group, couples and individual.
Workshop is inspiring in oferenig various inner spaces to explore in joful and playful way bing deeply conected to your true Being.
| Principles of Harmonious Movement | Gods & Goddesses
 | Specific Dance Styles | Massage |