Martina lara'ana Felsch

Country / City: Austria, 5760
Level: Intern Trainer
Something that is, needs a power to be! (Pierre Sens)
Hello, I'm Martina Lara'ana.
In 2015 I made my way home. At that time, I suffered from chronic back pain for 10 years and my marriage was close to breaking. By training as a Shakti Dance teacher, I was able to free myself from chronical back pain. Generally, my approach to pain has changed. So I could heal a fall on my wrist with a diagnosed bone tear without painkillers and the use of healing mantras. These experiences have also enhanced my work as an osteopath and physiotherapist with the knowledge and power of sound, rhythm and breath.
With the training to Meera, at the Mentor School Klagenfurt (2016 -2018) and the Lais teacher, I have learned an additional wonderful tool for guiding groups, and internalized the attitude of the "unknowing teacher".
I love and respect our earth, my two children and Johannes my husband, enjoy light and lovingly prepared food and love philosophy, song and dance.
Love is the strongest force between people!
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