Diane Oliver

Country / City: United Kingdom, Lochgilphead
Level: Certified Teacher Level 1
Diane is passionate about people and the outdoors with a strong belief in the healing power of yoga and its ripple effect on communities. Committed to inspiring connection to self, others and the universe, she jumped into the unknown in 2015; creating Woodland Elements to blend her work in community development, her yoga practice and her deep connection with mother earth. Living in Argyll, on the west coast of Scotland, she can often be found playing in the sea or in her garden.

As a teenager, she was part of a youth contemporary dance revolution and it was during this time she first experienced yoga and gained a real sense of community. Although she let go of the dance, yoga has remained part of her life ever since and she later realised that being able to dance enables her to connect with her emotions, be truly free and authentic and by discovering shakti dance she has been able to reconnect with this vital soul part.

During her classes she shares her creative, down to earth approach to life, her honest openness, an occasional ‘f’ bomb and wholeheartedly holds a supportive, safe space for healing and empowerment.

A child of the elements, I burn, I breathe, I surge, I grow