Carole Fontaine

Country / City: United States, Gray
Level: Certified Teacher Level 1
Carole Fontaine ~ Nam Karan Kaur ~ has been involved in yoga and the holistic arts in South Florida for more than a decade. She is an avid health nut, daily yoga practitioner, certified life coach and Reiki master teacher. She teaches personal growth workshops on meditation, writing, and empowerment. An advocate for health & wellness, she teaches the powerful practice of Shakti Dance™, a wonderful blend of Mindfulness, Movement and Meditation. Her energy work and practice helps create inner peace, lasting happiness and well-being.

She and her husband have lived aboard their sailboat for 20 years. She is currently in Portland, Maine, and will soon publish a self-mastery course based on her signature program S.A.I.L. :Simplify, Align, Integrate, and Let go. Her Meditative Writing Workshops are powerful tools of personal growth and transformation. She is writing a book series about her exciting adventures, and learning to navigate life’s ordeals by facing her fears and sharing important lessons. It entices the reader into a journey of self-reflection through writing prompts, exercises, and meditations.

She continues her work empowering women to follow their heart’s purpose everywhere she goes, and inspire them to find their bliss through movement, meditation and the divine.

She teaches Shakti Dance® in the Portland, Maine area, and offers workshop in her native Quebec, Canada.
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