Ángeles Harnarayan

Country / City: Chile, Santiago
Level: Certified Teacher Level 1
Journalist by profession, Floral Therapist by vocation and dancer since childhood. Instructor of Shakti Dance, the yoga of dance, trained in Barcelona Spain, with its creator Sara Avtar.

In the last 10 years she has specialized in the study of the sacred movement of the body through Yoga and ancestral dances that produce catharsis and expansion of consciousness, allowing to awaken the voice of the soul.

| Music & Mantra | Women's Cycles & Circles | Principles of Harmonious Movement | Gods & Goddesses
 | Mind & Meditation | Specific Dance Styles | Sacred Geometry | Rasas & Sacred Theater | Mandalas/Yantras & Artwork | Expressive/Soul Dance | Aromatherapy |