Sabine Jagat Prakash

Country / City: Germany, Munich - Viechtach
Level: Certified Teacher Level 1
Born in Germany, Sabine Jagat Prakash is living in Munich and in the Bavarian Forest in Viechtach. She has come on this earth to heal, to touch the soul und to invite women to learn to feel.

Her coaching & healing work is about gentle, female, non-cognitive instruments leading in the essence of the soul. Her portfolio is communications, healing, coaching, energy body work and Yoga. She is certified teacher for Shakti Dance (Level 1 since 2013 & 2), Yin Yoga and with her created style with anahata flow Yoga©. Her mission is to support women to free out of old, hardened and self-distructive patterns and believes. She acts on womens' inner harmony and conscious being woman.

Her workshops, talk, retreats and healing & coaching treatments, trainings in healing & yoga tools come along with her warm-hearted radiance, creativity and joy. She created a format, the Pachamama Shakti circle, a womens' gathering in Mother Nature with nature & womens' rituals and Shakti Dance.

With her label Shakti healing© she drives a healing center in Munich, and will drive one in Viechtach combined with a Yoga studio. She is experienced in healing since about 20 years now, she practises Yoga since 25 years. She also is founder and creator of the Shakti healing school© offering trainings for female yoga teachers of all traditions, especially with a Kundalini energy background.

Sabine Jagat Prakash loves teaching and the expression in dance, in words and writing, in painting and in creating artworks. She is mother of two children and re-married with a Kundalini Yogi. Her power is her intuition, her multidimensional ability to sense, her high frequency and her deepth. She experiences herself as medium downloading the wisdom of the divine cloud. She joyfully uplifts other human beings into a higher consciousness – this is what the spiritual name Jagat Prakash promises.
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