Ardas Cristina Furioli

Country / City: Italy, Rome
Level: Intern Trainer
Sat Nam, My name is Ardas Kaur.

I am a Shakti Dance Teacher, KRI Teacher Trainer, Trainer in the School of "Natur Life Coach" Naturopath in Training of Ayurvedic Medicine and Counselor in Kundalini Yoga.
In collaboration with the "Aequanime" Project, , I Integrate my Knoledge in Yoga, Holistic Medicine and work experience in Corporations.

My Yoga Practice starts at the end of the 90s, during my work experience in organizing events in the Corporates Environment, and I met Shakti Dance around 2006.
In 2009 I had the opportunity to become a Shakti Dance Teacher.

The meeting with Shakti Dance and Sara Avtar Olivier was enlightening to me, and It has always been a great support in my Path.

I mainly teach in Rome, but I have other collaborations in different parts of Italy.

Happy to meet you soon
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