Kerti Torn

Country / City: United Kingdom, Forest Row, East Sussex
Level: Intern Trainer
I grew up on an island in Estonia with my family surrounded by animals, nature and other kids and have travelled the world whilst working for an airline, both of which have gifted my life with a sense of freedom.

However my role as air hostess did have its price particularly in respect of my health, weight and ability to self care. I sought answers to this by doing work on myself and discovered the system of yoga not merely returned me to optimum health, it also strengthened my mind, focus and concentration. It was then that i felt drawn to attending teacher training with Sara Avtar, the creator of Shakti Dance, as a way of connecting more with my creative expression and further boosting my levels of vitality. With the supported changes in my life I then chose to embark on a teaching course of Kundalini yoga at the Amrit Nam Sarovar School in the French Alps with Karta Singh.

With the combined compliment of these two powerful vehicles I am committed to supporting you on your journey to self mastery. We don't always have to understand everything with the mind. The best way is to experience classes with an open heart and to witness what happens. It's all about surrendering, trusting and allowing the power of yoga and meditation to work it's magic on you. Once you start regularly practising Kundalini yoga and/or Shakti Dance, deep changes in your life will become evident.

I am really enjoying getting to know myself ever deeper and witnessing the evolving energies and patterns of my body and mind through the practice of Shakti Dance and Kundalini Yoga. I see the importance of committing to my self and the benefits it brings. Within just a few minutes of practice, it's possible to feel a positive change in our vibration and connect with a greater part of our self. So commit to making the change by taking the step to attending my class, and I will undertake to support you lovingly through the process.
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