Welcome to the Shakti Dance Teachers’ Collective

Welcome to our Shakti Dance® Teachers’ Guide. Here you can Find a Shakti Dance® Class, Event or Training near you, by searching for and contacting local certified Shakti Dance® Teachers & Trainers, or a Teacher Training Organizer.

All certified teachers have successfully undergone a highly developed training to facilitate the spontaneous flow of Shakti Spirit and the revelation of Wakeful Being – in the service of manifesting the true Creative Potential of each human being.

The Shakti Dance Teachers’ Collective is a vibrant and very diverse group of teachers, each enhancing their teaching with unique skills and gifts.

Searching by “Specialty”, you can discover teachers, whose Shakti Dance® teaching has been developed to include, reflect and deepen specific themes.

Please Note: Only certified Shakti Dance® Teachers are authorized to teach Shakti Dance®.