Shakti Dance® India Retreat

26th January - 2nd February 2019

Presented by Shakti Dance® Academy in Collaboration with Rewa-Ananda

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This is an invitation, to all who long to Shakti Dance on the land, which holds the ancient roots and maps of the Goddess Dharma. Yogis, Munis, Rishis, and Priestesses have made pilgrimage here since time, to the magical, mystical temple town of Maheshwar, located on the Banks of the Holy River Narmada. This is a place long associated with the weaving of Spirit to Matter, transformation, alchemy, and manifestation, a birthplace of Yoga Tantra and Spiritual Arts. It is known as a Gupta Kashi, meaning secret place of Light and wish manifestation. The land holds a plethora of Earth energy vortex’s, Hidden caves, ancient temples some dating back 5000 years, and crystals which are used for Siva Shakti worship throughout India. The River Narmada is considered to be a River Goddess especially for this age of Kaali Yuga, Pilgrims thus walk her path to transform Karma to live a life of self-realization and service. In recent history a Spiritual Queen Ahilya Holkar located her capital here in Maheshwar and from this center initiated a Renaissance of Peace, Prosperity and Spiritual Art throughout India.

We will follow the flow of Shakti from the ancient Tantric Yogic maps to a new wave of Embodied Goddess resurgence. Enhanced by the illuminating energy of the River Narmada, Maheshwar and its sacred Shakti-sites, we will use the practices and ceremonies of Shakti Dance®, to weave together pranic threads of aware, flowing breath-movement, through our field of consciousness. We will coordinate our trantric group ‘weave’, vibrating the Bija (seed)sounds and incorporating dances of TriDevi, the triple aspect of the Goddess.In this way, we will co-create and adorn our bodies with subtle auric garments, woven with fractal patterns of symmetry and coherence - ‘offsetting’ and accentuating the radiant charge of awareness. Through this ceremonial practice, we will invoke the wisdom and power of Saraswati, Laxmi and Kaali with the intention of embodying the wholeness of her Being - merging organically with the cycles of nature. As we move deeper into the journey of embodiment, together we weave, create and manifest the new paradigms, which incorporate the spirit of the Divine Mother. The power generated within our Shakti collective will weave our threads of interconnection through service to each other, our communities and our Earth.

We will be received as the guests of an NGO called Rewananda, created by Sangita Lakhanpal and Kapil Sri who work towards empowering and uplifting the lives of under-privileged women and children through Yogic Spiritual Art Projects. In India there is a saying that a guest is like “god/ess”, thus a community of local women will be employed to uphold this tradition. The ashram is where we will share most of our time and meals. The women will take care of us, creating a sacred space, and our food will be ceremonially prepared by them as “Prasad”, a divine offering. This work will support the women to be economically empowered, as we will all become one community seeking to embody the Devi. The ashram is located on the banks of the River Narmada and is situated above an ancient cave temple dedicated to the Goddess Mangla Devi, an aspect of Parvati embodying pleasure.

We will also embody the subtle weave of our practice, helping to sustain a community of women weavers, by commissioning a dupatta, to be woven for this course. A dupatta is a traditional wrap worn by Indian women to protect, and enhance the beautification of our bodies, it is a symbol of the Goddess. It can be worn on the head and draped around our clothes. It will be hand-loomed, made with a mix of cotton and silk. It will be woven as a sacred cloth, a symbol for our work that we will wear as we embody of the Triple aspect Goddess.

The Retreat Facilitators:

Sara Avtar: Founding Creator of Shakti Dance® British born, living in Italy, she studied with Yogi Bhajan since 1987 and has taught Kundalini Yoga for 30 years. She is a life-long dancer and founding creator of Shakti Dance®. Sara Avtar is a KRI Kundalini Yoga Level 1 & Level 2 Lead Teacher Trainer, Sat Nam Rasayan healer, and singer. She has released three CDs; “Shakti Lila” and “Merging”, and her newly released CD, “Swara Rasa”. Having lived through many life challenges, Sara Avtar has found Self-support and empowerment as a woman, through her spiritual practice and the resultant manifestation of creative potential. It is this inner-resource she wishes to share with others. Transforming art into yogic technology, she combines the qualities of dance, song and visual form, with breath and awareness in harmonious arrangement, opening a subtle field of wakeful Presence. For over twenty years, Sara Avtar has dedicated her life-experience to facilitating others in the dis-covery and realization of Original Being - supporting them to manifest their potential and serve through creative originality.

Sangita: Yoga Teacher and Spiritual Artist Since 2000 after completing her training in Kundalini and Hatha Yoga Sangita has been dedicated to living and sharing Yoga. She started, teaching in London, where she held Yoga in Prisons, Drug rehabilitation Programs, Forensic Hospitals and schools. In 2010, Sangita trained as a Shakti Dance® Teacher in Glastonbury. She then left London to become a Pilgrim on the River Narmada where she felt a calling to immerse fully and reconnect to the roots of Yoga and Tantra.  Her experience brought her back to Britain to live a more earth based spiritual life, in which to further deepen her experience of the confluence of Shamanism and Yoga within a sustainable community. She founded Rewa-Ananda in 2016 as a way to create a new paradigm of an enterprise, which serves the whole. She set up an arts school for children and young women, in which she also shares the teaching of Shakti Dance®. Sangita now holds transformational space for women and men who choose to expand their inner potential and to reconnect with the joy of pure being. Yoga, Dance sacred Song, and Sacred sites are the vehicles Sangita uses to guide groups into embodied states of self realisation. Sangita currently resides and teaches in both Maheshwar and the UK.

Video: Sangita, singing and Shakti Dancing in our retreat location, Maheshwar:

Arrive: 25th Jan 2019
Retreat Begins: Morning 26th Jan 2019
Retreat Ends: Evening 2nd Feb 2019
Leave: 3rd Feb 2019
(Extra Optional Guided Tour with Sangita: 3rd – 6th Feb 2019
Leave: 7thFeb)

Course Costs:
For 8-Day Intensive-Course

For Academic Members of Shakti Dance Academy:
€480 / £430 - Early-bird

€530 / £465 - after September 30th 2018
€580 / £500 - after December 31st 2018

For non-Academic Members of Shakti Dance Academy:
€540 / £480 - Early-bird

€590 / £515 - after September 30th 2018
€640 / £550 -  after December 31st 2018

Logistics Costs:
For a Single Room with Matrimonial Bed:
For 9 nights = £375 (approx. €430 – check rate)

For 12 nights = £570 (approx. €650 – check rate) - includes cost of extra 3-day guided tour with Sangita to Mandu & Sahasara Dara

For Two People Sharing a Matrimonial Bed in a Room: 
For 9 nights = £700 
For 12 nights = £1080 - includes cost of extra 3-day guided tour with Sangita to Mandu & Sahasara Dara

The Logistic Costs include:

  • A room with matrimonial bed and bathroom (If you book by Aug-Sept, we can ensure a River view with a balcony)
  • All Food and drink - ceremonially prepared by our local women
  • Live musicians for some of our dances
  • Boat trip to the Ancient River temple, more than 5000 old
  • Hand loomed Tri-Devi Shrouds commissioned for this event
  • Local young women, who are henna artists to provide a henna tattoo for each participant as part of the tradition of embodying the Goddess.
  • All management and organizational fees are included.
  • Arrangement of all travel from Indore Airport to guest-house in Maheshwar is included,

Guided Tour from 3rd– 6th Feb:
The option to stay 3 days longer, for a total of 12 nights, will include an excursion to Mandu, a magical citadel situated in the stunning Malwa Hills. There we will visit sacred sites, ancient caves temples, a water temple, tombs and palaces built by the sultanate. Mandu is a 90 min drive away from Maheshwar, it is also part of the ancient pilgrim route of the Narmada River. The second trip will be to visit the rapids at Sahasra dara, an opportunity to bathe in the crystal Narmada water in Jacuzzi style. Sahasara Dara is a sacred site associated with legends written in the Mahabharata. This extra 3-day tour will be guided by Sangita.

Book Flights to Indore Airport:

  • We will arrange taxis from Indore Airport to Maheshwar,
  • A taxi costs £27 pounds (extra cost, not included in logistics costs),
  • Participants can share cabs, as flights arriving from Delhi and Mumbai normally arrive either morning or evening.

Early booking is advisable for cheap flights and will help ensure that participants receive River-view rooms with balcony.

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with Course Cost Payment until 31st December 2018: 
€590 (excludes Logistic Costs and Flights)
(see above for Academic Members' Early-Bird Registration)