Paths of Training

The Shakti Dance Academy offers Three Paths of Training:

1. Teacher Training

There are currently two levels of Shakti Dance® Teacher Training:

Level 1 - Certification as an Instructor

Level 2 - Certification as a Specialised Practitioner & Instructor

2. Training the Trainer

Only open for certified Shakti Dance® Teachers.

3. Specializations

The practice of Shakti Dance® embraces a wide spectrum of themes. The Shakti Dance Academy supports and collaborates with certified Shakti Dance® Teachers with special skills to extend and deepen the Academy’s Curricula. In this way, specific branches of Shakti Dance® with Specialized Shakti Dance® Training Programs are being co-developed.

By searching the Teachers' Directory by “Specialty”, you can discover teachers, whose Shakti Dance® teaching has been developed to include, reflect and deepen specific themes.

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