The practice of Shakti Dance® embraces a wide spectrum of themes. The Shakti Dance Academy supports and collaborates with certified Shakti Dance Teachers with special skills to extend and deepen the Academy’s Curricula. In this way, specific branches of Shakti Dance® with Specialized Shakti Dance® Training Programs are being co-developed.

By searching the Teachers' Directory by “Specialty”, you can find teachers, whose Shakti Dance® teaching has been developed to include, reflect and deepen specific themes.

Speciality: Shakti Essencial

One example is "Shakti Essencial", developed by Eva Guru Sevak Kaur and Cristina Font, certified Shakti Dance Teachers & Trainers, from Spain. Here they have taken the fruit of their personal experience, playfully gathering the most fragrant and dazzling flowers along their path, to create a synergy of Essential Oils and Shakti Dance - woven around the theme of the Feminine Cycle. With this tapestry, they have created a modality of practice full of consciousness and magic, opening a door to freedom.

This October starts first official Shakti Dance® Specialization Training

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