Welcome to the Shakti Dance® Academy
home, guardian and referential source of the ever-evolving teachings of Shakti Dance®, as taught by Sara Avtar.

The Academy serves the intention of Shakti Dance® and is also a portal for its practice. It shares practices that help reveal the aware being within, activating Creative Spirit for the full expression of potential through you.

It offers online streaming videos of different aspects of the practice, which may be accessed by the general public through the “Academy e-Shop”. The Academy also provides a library of teaching material for teachers and those in training, which may be accessed through the "Reserved Areas".

The Academy is a body that collates and preserves the integrity of the teachings of Shakti Dance®. It is the academic body that holds and promotes its Teachings through Teacher Training Programs and Teachers through the Teachers' Directory. The Academy oversees and sustains the training of Shakti Dance® Teachers and Teacher Trainers. It thereby gives recognition to all training programs and their ensuing certification. The Shakti Dance Academy offers three different "Paths of Training".

The Academy acts as a platform for teachers and trainees to connect, exchange experiences and contribute.